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Lucky Bag with Acrylic - 500 g

$14.99  From $14.99

This exciting grab bag has 500 g of mixed acrylic yarn. Color, brand, and skein size are all mixed together. The only thing you are sure of is that you will get 500 g nice acrylic yarn. Will you take the chance and find out what will be in your grab bag?

The skeins are packaged in a cool tote bag with snaps (value: £4.60/$5.99).

Good luck with your order! 😊

PLEASE NOTE: this bag may contain both 100% acrylic yarns and yarns from mixed materials.


I bought two of these assorments so I could keep one for myself and put the other in a fundraising raffle basket I am making. However, now I need to decide which assortment I want! One had all different yarns, and the other had several skeins of the same yarn, same color, so enough to really make something. Good assortments, good price, with a bonus tote bag.

Roma McEvey

More than thrilled with the assortment that arrived, I will now sit and spend time knitting & crocheting for my favourite charity Maroonda Hospital in Melbourne Australia. They saved my life and for this I cannot make enough goods for the Auxillary.


Skeins look lovely. Haven't had time to work with them yet, been busy in the garden. But excited to knit and learn from a master knitter as the weather cools. Thanks for the quality you always offer.

Antionette Calder

This was part of an order I gifted to a dear friend. From what I can see she loved the colors and 5he yarn.

Tammy Carter

Oh i loved the variety and beautiful colors Iwas like a child in s candy

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Yarn information

Category Summer Sale
Hashtag #hobbiiluckybagacrylic

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