Lucky Bag Cake Yarn - 4 Cakes

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Whoops! The factory accidentally printed some of our labels wrong, so we had to remove the label. This means that you now get the opportunity to get your hands on a very special and exquisite lucky bag at an extra good price!

The only thing that's "wrong" with the yarn is that the label is missing.

You get no less than 4 amazing and lovely colorful cake yarns. This yarn is perfect for knitting and crocheting large shawls, sweaters, summer blouses, boleros, etc., with the most beautiful colorways. 

If you like surprises and you love cake yarns, then you should act now.

These lucky bags are only available while stocks last.


I splurged and got 4 lucky bags. Each had a unique combination but overall I ended up with 3 black green, 3 black cherry, 1 Sultan pastello in purple, 1 blue/black, 3 in green/white/red and 3 in a blue yellow that I can't seem to identify the yarn name. I'm a little disappointed with that blue yellow one because it's not really a transition so much as yellow in the middle of two sections of blue. It's an odd color combination. Perhaps I'll find a pattern that will work for some kind of bag or infinity scarf and gift it away. It will definitely be the last to be worked up.


I had initially ordered two lucky bags and figured I would have something unique to work with. I was not disappointed. I had gotten some of the Sultan Shadows in yellow, red and turquoise and a ball of pastel shades. I made a shawl for a friend and a few doilies with it. Then I ordered a couple more bags and with the colors I got from that one also had the sultan shadows in yellow, gold and orange which I did in a virus pattern for a tablecloth or lightweight throw. I love how this has worked up and how beautiful the finished pieces I have been.


Absolutely loved my mystery bags. I ordered two to see if they would be the same or different...either way I have enough to make some wonderful projects. My luck I received one ball of red and white cotton kings (I think) from each bag; exactly the colors I needed for my newly graduated daughter heading off to college with those school colors. I also got my HS colors as well. Made me nostalgic for the good ole days. Their was slight difference in each bag but would love some rainbow next time I order which will be very soon!


I got two of these a while ago. One bag had four darker skeins that had gradients going to black on the outside. The other bag was a bit more varied, with some pastels and a big red/white cake. I really enjoyed opening all of them and looking at all the beautiful yarn. The yellow-black cake I got inspired me to make my first mandala, which I was super happy with! I used some of the other cakes to make what is now my favorite summer shawl. Absolutely in love with the yarn I got (and it's been lasting me a long time)!


My bag of lucky yarn came in today and I am absolutely delighted with what I received! I got 3 Sultan Deluxe yarns in 18, 11, and 4, and another cotton king I can't find the colorway for actually. It's a lovely purple to light purple. All the same I love everyone I got and I'm excited to make something out of them all! Definitely worth the purchase, even during the 53% off sale going on right now. I definitely wan to buy more grab bags in the future!

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