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Our small yarn bag is a quirky little case that is perfect for your smaller projects, like socks, children’s sweaters, potholders, etc.

As always in our yarn bags, you’ll find both inner and outer pockets, so you can keep control of patterns, knitting and crochet tools, as well as all your lovely accessories. We wouldn’t want to risk your scissors floating around with your work in just one big compartment of your bag, right?

The bag comes in neutral colors and is super practical and functionally designed. We hope you will like it.

Material: Polyester & canvas
Measurements: 30.5 x 15.5 x 20.5 cm


This is the yarn bag that I move from room to room when I'm home, that comes with me to the office: one project, the necessary yarn and hook(s), as well as stitch markers and the pattern, and a craft knife (I find it handier than scissors), seam ripper, darning needles; and all the crochet accessories necessary for completing a project.

Initially, I had used this bag for around three (small) projects, but found I was carrying too much to and from work. Also, too many projects meant barely any progress on any. So, ended up putting only one small half-finished project in this bag, which ultimately helped me focus much better on completing the targeted crochet item (usually an amigurumi).

The extra space is also too handy! Snacks and drinks (in ziplock bags), notebook and pen(s), purse (aka wallet), and the daily essentials for commuting to and from work.


My mom purchased this bag for me as an early Christmas gift and I LOVE IT! It’s the perfect size to keep my projects organized when I’m at home, and I know it says “small bag” but this thing is roomy and has the perfect amount of storage. I love it and it’s so much better than what I was doing 😂 feels good to be much more organized.


This is the best bag. I use it as storage and project bag. I've made a lot of bags but this has everything I need. Holds more than you would anticipate. Will consider buying the lager one in the future.

Paula Branson

Mum just brought one and now I have to have one for myself

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