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Are you one of those hardcore knitters or crocheters who is always working on your newest project, no matter where you are?

Even on the way to the bus stop and when waiting for the bus?

Then we have the perfect project bag just for you (and anyone else who can use this neat bag). Put your little project in the bag, hang it from the nook of your elbow and you’re ready to go. You can take the bag with you wherever you’re standing or sitting.

The bag comes in neutral colors, so it will always suit your project. There is room for a project the size of a pair of adult-sized socks, a small scarf or a children’s sweater.

Material: Polyester & canvas
Measurements: 46 x 41 cm


This is a perfect travel bag for a small to medium size project. Before I bought this I was hauling around everything in a canvas grocery bag and yarn was constantly getting tangled. This bag has several eyelets to thread your yarn through for a smooth feed and enough zippered pickets to hold everything away from your knitting to avoid pulls and snags.

Francine SCHMIDT

The perfect little bag for going to meetings and gatherings. The yarn is safe and tangle-free, thanks to the eyelets and the pockets are great for your coin purse, keys, cellphone. Not to mention pattern, measuring tape and scissors. Brilliant!

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