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Get excited about getting your hands on this sophisticated yarn bowl. The yarn bowl adds a touch of Nordic design to any craft corner. It doesn’t just look nice though, the bowl is also really functional. With its minimalistic design and its high weight (approx. 1200 g), both the bowl and your ball of yarn will have cause to remain in place. We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that every bowl has its own individual finish, meaning every bowl is completely its own with it’s very own look.

Place the ball of yarn in the bowl, thread it through the purpose made hole, put the lid on and gently pull the thread when you need more yarn.

Materiale: Coloured ceramic
Measurements: approx. 6.7" x 6.7" x 7" (height)

About our ceramic series
The ceramic series is produced by a family-owned company in a little mountain village in the Xiamen province.

The ceramics are handmade, which give the containers an extra charm to them. Small variations on the surface and the form are a natural and charming part of the production. Every piece has its own expression. Each one of them is unique – no two are alike.

Clean lines, purity of style, timeless Nordic design – those are the keywords for this series.

The series consists of a row of clever smaller and larger jars and vases for storing your utensils, everything from large knitting needles to the smallest stitch markers can fit in the different bowls.

The ceramics are exclusively crude and dyed. The outer side has a lovely matte finish, which affords the different bowls and vases with an understated and very elegant expression. The inner side, however, is glazed in a subdued and clear finish, which makes it shine.

Give your crafting corner its very own personality, with a hint of Nordic design with our stylish ceramic series.


I LOVE this yarn bowl. The weight is fantastic, so no worry about it moving I knit. The yarn stays nice and safe inside.

It's a great size and even holds larger skeins easily.
I ordered a few of the pieces of the Copenhagen Fibers, and am very pleased with the quality, safe packing (ALL arrived in perfect condition), and how lovely they are in person.

The outside finish is a lovely texture, while the inside is perfectly glossy. The lid is a very nice touch, and keeps the normal household dust etc off my yarn too!

I love using it very much.


Excellent! This fiber bowl sits on the floor next to my knitting chair. I like to pull the yarn from the outside of the yarn ball and have found that I can stack two balls in the bowl at a time. I use the lid only to keep the yarn clean when I’m not knitting, btw the inside is glazed with a Smooth, glossy clear glaze which protects the yarn further. Love.


This is the best fiber bowl I’ve ever seen! It’s bigger than I thought, modern, and lovely. The lid keeps my kiddos out and I can store several fingering weight balls of yarn in it!

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