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Zing Interchangeable Circular Needles Set

3.5 - 8 mm

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Product information

This delicious set from the KnitPro Zing series contains 8 pairs of the most popular sizes of Zing Series interchangeable needles. The needles are light and super smooth enabling them to slide easily through the stiches.

The set contains the following sizes:

3.50 mm (light green)

4.00 mm (blue)

4.50 mm (Blue Purple)

5.00 mm (pink)

5.50 mm (Brown)

6.00 mm (Dark Purple)

7.00 mm (Purple)

8.00 mm (Turquoise)

Additionally, the set contains:

4 cables: (1x60 cm, 2x80 cm, 1x100 cm)

8 stoppers

4 tightening keys

1 set of cable transitions

The set comes in a nice blue and red case with zipper closure and space for both storage of interchangeable needles and cables. In short; the perfect circular needles set! :-)


I am really happy with this set of needles. They are lovely to work with and are the same colours of my Zing dpns, so if you already owned Zing needles, you will already know the colours and the corresponding size. My only complaint is that it came with a strong odor, but it is fading with use.


I received my package yesterday and have to say I really enjoy the feel and colours of these needles and cannot wait to get stuck into my next project. The only downside is the pack does not contain a 20cm cable which I would use for smaller items.


I absolutely love these Zing interchangeable needles. I have many other sets, but I will always go to these needles. They are so smooth to knit with and the cables are awesome. I wish I'd found them before I spent all the money on the others.


This is my first set of interchangeable needles and I absolutely love it. The needles are very easy to use and they come in a nice little case. The yarn slides on and off very easily with these.


I have always want a set like this and I am enjoying these. although I have not had very long they appear to be durable and they slide nicely. the case that comes with them is very very nice.

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