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Symfonie/Karbonz Circular Needle Set

3 - 8 mm

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PLEASE NOTE! This product is being discontinued and we are clearing out the stock. Get yours before it's too late!

This wonderful set contains 8 sizes of interchangeable circular needles from 3.00-8.00 mm.

The genius of this set is that the thinnest round pin (3mm) is made of strong Karbonz material, which makes it not break so easily. Symfonie circular needles have been KnitPro's most popular in recent years, but the 3mm needles have been known to break too easily. That problem has now been solved.

The needles are made of birch and are incredibly comfortable to hold on. The poles are also polished so the masks slide effortlessly and are a pleasure to work with.

All in all, you get an exclusive circular needle set with interchangeable tips, pointed pins, handy accessories, smooth joints and flexible cables.

The kit comes in an exclusive black / silver case with zipper closure and space for both storage of interchangeable needles and cables.

We hope you will love this set. 

The kit contains:

Karbonz Circular Needles Carbon Fiber 3.00 mm

Symfonie Circular Needles Wood 3.50 mm

Symfonie Circular Needles Wood 4.00 mm

Symfonie Circular Needles Wood 4.50 mm

Symfonie Circular Needles Wood 5.00 mm

Symfonie Circular Needles Wood 6.00 mm

Symfonie Circular Needles Wood 7.00 mm

Symfonie Circular Needles Wooden 8.00 mm

35 cm wire / cable (60 cm incl. Sticks)

56 cm wire / cable (becomes 80 cm incl. Sticks)

76 cm wire / cable (becomes 100 cm incl. Sticks)

97 cm wire / cable (120 cm incl. Sticks)

4 cablekeys

8 stoppers

2 cable connectors

There are also simple guides in Danish and German to with the set.


Absolutely love these needles! I am not the most organized person, so having this set keeps my “WIPs” rolling! Light and pleasant to the touch too :)

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