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Zing double pointed needles

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Forget about boring grey needles!

These Zing double pointed needles are very light and super smooth, so the needles slide easily through the stitches.

They are not only great to knit with, they are also great to look at. Each size also has its own unique color.

The tip is sharp and the needle size is printed on the needle with laser print.

The needles are sold in sets of 5. 


Each Zing colour has it own size, and the colours are wonderful!. Each colour represents a particular needle size across the range, 0/2mm is pink, 2.25 yellow, 2.5 red, 2.75 burnt Orange, 3mm pine green, 3.25 teal green, 4/3.5 chartreuse, 5/3.75 lilac purple, 6/4mm navy blue, and so on. I love a functional system, you can identify at a glance your needle size by its colour, and pick them up in an instance. The anodisation gives a particularly cheerful tone to these simple, good quality, reasonably priced, lightweight DPN needles.


These are wonderful needles! They're great to knit with, the sizes are written on the needles, and each size has its own colour!

Linda Boudreau

Nice length, smooth for anyone who uses dpns for knitting

Danielle Dupuis

nice. pas trop lourdes et glissent bien.


When I ordered these I was under the impression that I was choosing the colour of the needles. No where in the description does it say they'll give you a random colour. If I had known they werent the colour i wanted i wouldnt have ordered them.

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