Zing Straight/ Single Pointed Needle Set

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This neat set from the KnitPro Zing series contains 8 pairs of the most popular sizes of straight needles from the series. The needles are light and smooth, and slide through the stiches like a dream.

Forget about bleak gray aluminum! KnitPro Zing is a series of lightweight metal, each needle size being characterized by its own smart color with a metallic look.

The set contains the sizes:

2.50 mm (Dark red)

3.00 mm (Dark Green)

3.50 mm (Light Green)

4.00 mm (Blue)

4.50 mm (Blue Purple)

5.00 mm (Pink)

5.50 mm (Brown)

6.00 mm (Dark Purple)

The set comes in a nice black and red case with zipper closure and transparent windows on both sides, so you can easily get an overview of your jumper needles.


I LOVE metal knitting needles, the sound they make when you’re on a roll, it’s therapeutic.
These are great, strong needles, not too heavy, and the colour coding makes it so easy to tell them apart when I’m working on multiple projects at the same time.


These are great needles to work with. They're light and strong, and colour coded by size!


These are good but the case is a bit week as with the knitting needles being so heavy.. I usually buy plastic as they are easier on the hands and wrists. Hopefully you will make a plastic set.
The needles are great being colour coded and it's so easy to find what needles you are looking for and have them all together.
Thanks Sandra. 😀

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