Wooden Yarn Holder

Nifty yarn holder to hold your yarn while you knit or crochet. The yarn holder is fitted with a ball bearing that helps the shaft rotate, so that the yarn softly spins and unwinds. 

Why not take a look at our video guide for using the yarn holder, you can find it in the "Video" tab.

The yarn holder has also been lacquered several times to prevent the yarn from catching.

Height: 18.5 cm
Diameter: 10 cm
Material: Beech wood / Stainless steel & copper


This is so fantastic, it's extremely smooth, the yarn doesn't wind up and stick in the spinner, plus it's small enough to bring with you, unlike some others I have tried out.

The wood has a lovely smooth finish, and a great feel, so it is as lovely as it is useful. The price is fantastic for a quality yarn holder!


This a wonderful yarn holder and free yarn distributer!!!! I love the ease of the use although I had to slack off on the tugging of the yarn, fits many types of yarn!! I found it so awesome I ordered another one and thinking of ordering more!! Reasonable price for a quality product. Thank you


This has smooth ball bearings and moves freely. The wood is smooth as glass and does not snag the fiber. I have thought about this type product for awhile but they tend to be pricey. This is extremely reasonable and an exceptional value. I should probably get a 2nd one for color work.


I recently purchased 2 yarn holders. I gave 1 to my granddaughter & kept 1 for myself. We LOVE them. We have used the with cakes & skeins. The spin so smoothly with either type. Hoping to order another soon. Need 1 for more than 1 project at a time.


I wish I had this years ago! I have a cat who loves yarn more than I do! It’s smooth and easy to use. Keeps my feline from absconding with my yarn and it doesn’t get tangled in my project bag. I may need another one.

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