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Easy Scissor


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Stylish, black snip with sharp blades that cut through threads easily. The snip is small and handy, which makes it easy to carry with you. The accompanying plastic case guarantees that nothing is cut when the snip is packed away in your yarn bag. With this snip you don’t need to struggle with getting your fingers into the holes. The yarn is, instead, easily cut by pressing the two handles together. 

Measurements: 10 cm (4 in)
Material: Metal


These are extremely handy when you're knitting because you just need to grab and pinch instead of dealing with a pair of scissors. They cut through yarn super easily and are overall much more convenient than scissors. Very happy with these!


Never thought I'd bother with snips but when my small sharp scissors broke apart, I ordered these. Love them!


I was skeptical to try snips, but they do work quite well. Keeping them in their case is a must when not in use. I also tried them when sewing. They are great for snipping beginning and ending threads at the machine,, but I am not comfortable using them to snip a seam. I'll stick to a seam ripper and knife.

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