Symfonie Interchangeable Circular Needles in Birch

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These beautiful, changing knitting needles from Knitpro's multifarious Symfoni series are both beautiful and strong.

The needles are developed by 'knitters for knitters', and is one of the leading brands used by knitters all over the globe. The needles are easily usable, comfortable to handle and beautiful to look at!

They are made of birch wood, and laminated and stained specifically, hence their beautiful surface.

The deliciously processed needles are nice and comfortable to have in your hands, so you are sure that you can knit for many hours without getting sore hands and fingers.

Also, remember the cables for your interchangeable circular needlesfind them here.

Length of the needles (without cable): 11.5 cm

Material: Birch


Fit my interchangeable cable perfectly and was exactly what I needed for my project. I couldn’t find this size anywhere. I LOVE these needles!!!


I love these needles. They are beautiful and knitting is real pleasure with them😀

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