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Stitch Markers w/lock – Heart – 16 pcs


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Cute, heart-shaped stitch markers with locks. The tips of the markers are blunt and fit both thin and normal knitting yarns.

Stitch markers are a perfect accessory for anyone looking for a helping hand with the marking when you’re knitting.

Stitch makers can be used for many different purposes, like:
- marking the start of a round or pattern repeat
- to put on your needle to mark certain stitches. The stitch makers are easily attached to the needle between the stitches while you nit and fit up to a size 7 mm needle (US N/A / UK 2)
- to attach to your knitting project to mark a certain row
- marking increases and decreases
- catch a dropped stitch before it unravels

Measurements: 2,7 x 1,5 cm
Material: ABS
Color: Red
Number in pack: 16 pcs 

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (9)


An unexpected and very pleasant surprise! Larger than my purchased stitch markers of the same design type, and much sturdier and 'square', as in the pin portion fits parallel into the locking part of the pin, unlike my purchased stitch markers (purchased elsewhere).


These are so cute!!! I got a package for myself and a package for my grandma, I can’t wait to give them to her! They’re really sturdy and larger than the markers I was using, and i smile every time I return to my work and see them :)


Received as a gift love the heart shape they came with the other Items I purchased as a gift for a friend worked out well they are great for marking stitches in crocheting and knitting


These are a little bit bigger then just normal stitch markers but omg they are so cute! And seem very durable. I snagged them when they were super discounted. Definitely recommend.


Super cute and I really appreciate the gift! I use them when I need to remember a stitch specifically, because there is no confusing or missing these bright red hearts!

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