Stitch Markers - 100 pcs.


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PLEASE NOTE! This product is being discontinued and we are clearing out the stock. Get yours before it's too late!

100 stk. plastic stitch markers. These markers are perfect when marking increases and decreases in a garment, pattern repeats or just to keep track of where a round begins.

The points have been rounded, so they can’t make injuries. They are suitable for thin and normal-sized knitting yarn.

The colors are assorted, meaning they will vary per bag.

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (6)


I love the colors and the little organized container they come in. there are loads more colors which is great for different projects


Great colors, the most stitch markers I’ll ever need! Great for any project. No issues with them snapping or breaking.


I really love these stitch markers. I have never had a problem with them. To bad they are being discontinued.


Love that they come in a container to sort & hold them. Great for on the go


You can never have enough

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