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A revolutionary product from KnitPro's Karbonz series. In the Karbonz series, all the needles are made of lightweight and elegant carbon fiber, which makes this knitting experience something you don't wanna miss out on. The reinforced tips in the brass lets the needles slide easily and elegantly through the stitches, regardless of which yarn you use.

The double pointed needles are available in all sizes from 1-6 mm/ US below 0 up to a 10, and in two lengths: 15 cm (6") and 20 cm (8").

Please note that the needles in sizes 1 & 1,25 mm (US 00000 & 0000) are made from carbon fibre only and have no brass tip.


Karbonz have Cult status for sock knitters and many other projects for good reasons.

They are lightweight, strong and seem unbreakable, even at smallest sizes under pressure, no matter what.

This makes them special as have ‘give’ but do not distort, do not permanently bend, carbon fibre is tough.

A word of warning though, some times a couple of the needles in a set, may feel like yarn catches a tiny bit between the silver tip and carbon join, this is a known trait of these incredible needles and their only downside. Despite that still worthy of high rating.

The carbon fibre that gives some grip, while beautiful silver tips help your yarn glide off.


It's very light and hard. Easy to use. (Sorry if my English is bad)

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