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Practical, lightweight and spacious yarn bag for easy storage of your yarn, accessories, patterns, and knitting needles or crochet hooks. The bag can hold as much as 25 x 50 gram skeins - depending on whether it is cotton, wool or acrylic. At the top of the bag, there are 2 holes where you can thread your yarn through, making the bag double as a giant yarn bowl.

A small casing is included as well as a strap that can easily be attached to the bag making it portable.

The bag is easy to use and on the sides there are the following features:

1 compartment with a zipper closure,
2 open compartments with small open pockets on the outside
10 pockets for knitting needles
8 pockets for different sizes of crochet hooks
All in all a bag that is perfect for taking all your knitting or crocheting with you on the go.

Height: 32 cm
Diameter: 27 cm
Material: 55% hemp & 45% cotton with a layer of plastic on the back
The strap can be adjusted up to 110 cm long.


This bag is great and at a great price! It's lightweight and has plenty of little nooks and crannies for your needles, hooks and supplies. It also comes with a little zippered case! I bought it to include in a fundraising raffle basket I am putting together, but I like it so much that I may keep it myself! (I had also just bought another bag from another company but the lining in that one is black, which makes it hard to see inside.) This is a great product.


I just ordered this bag and I can't wait for it to arrive. Not only does this bag look like it has exactly everything I need to stay organized, I am super excited to use the yarn holes to keep my yarn from rolling away and tangling..... and did I mention it matches my house and furniture. It will look great in my livingroom and make my family happy to have the end couch cushion back as that is currently where I keep my in-progress projects lol

Alice Shearer

I just recieved my knitting bag today. what can I say but I love it. It is more than I hoped it would be. I tend to start several different projects around the same time and this wonderful bag holds them all at once along with the extra balls of yarn needed to finish them. The extra pockets are so handy to hold all the needles, hooks, and extra goodies that we always need. All I can say is WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG TO ORDER IT.


Love this bag. I has plenty of pockets for tools, glasses, extra needles and pattern with room for enough yarn to complete an average project. PLUS, it fits perfectly in a basket I bought just for chairside knitting supplies so I don't have to transfer when I head out to a friend's house for a knitting evening. Just zip it up, pick it up and go!


Love at first sight !!!!! Now a well worn traveler and my 'go to' when I need active fingers. How did I manage without it ??? Here is one feature that is now redundant - I used a silver lined bag clipped with peg on top for my ball of yarn when knitting. Now I just use the holes in the top to keep it from traveling around the floor. Yipppeeee.

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