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Stitch Markers with Beads - 6 pcs.

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Luxury for your knitting projects!

Beautiful stitch markers with a bead charm. Use them to mark increases and decreases in your project, where a new pattern begins and ends, or just to show where the round starts.

These are really luxurious stitch markers. The beads are handmade from incredible materials from nature's own treasury, and each stone is unique. Thus, the beads will naturally vary slightly in color.

You get a set of six stitch markers that fit needles/hooks up to size 8 mm (US 11/L). You get five markers with beads and one marker with a pretty flower. They come in a set with a keychain with a handle that reads: I could give up yarn, but I’m not a quitter. You also get a small canvas bag to store your beautiful stitch markers in.

Number: 6 pcs.
Material: Antique metal (brass alloy)
Size of beads: 10 mm
Lava: From stones and cliffs made of magma.
Smoky quartz: Comes in many different shades and transparencies – from brown to grayish brown.
Aventurine: Characterized by being semi-transparent and containing visible, small, flat mineral grains.
Freshwater Pearls: The natural pearl colors vary from off-white pastels to various shades of gray. 

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