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Lucky Bag Whoops - 500 g (17.6 oz)

Mixed yarn

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Do you like the excitement that a lucky bag full of lovely mixed yarn brings you?

The colors of the skeins included in this bag were not exactly how we expected them to be, oops! However, this also means that you can now enjoy them thanks to this Hobbii lucky bag. Colors, fibers, and skein size are completely randomly mixed. You can get a bag with different skeins, but you may also get 500 gr (17.6 oz) of the same yarn.

Are you brave enough to see what you are going to get in your lucky bag?

Good luck with your lucky bag! 


I loved my bag of woops. I didn't really want to spend the money on honey bunny, but now that i have it, I'm happy. with that pale gray it is good as "anti-contrast" to make other colours pop. I used it in combination with some red and blue Big Wool i got in the wool lucky bag. The other yarn was merino - very soft and not itchy as I always feared with Merino. Will certainly get another bag when they are available again.


I'm so happy with this purchase. The lucky bag yarns are very nice shades and quality and didn't look like a "whoops" to me! Plus, the bag has several skeins of the same type of yarn, and the shades were consistent with each other. I definitely would recommend this lucky bag and will buy it again.


I got Extra Fine Merino and a Happy Place.... I love Lucky Bags, I feel like I always end up with something I may not have gotten for myself (either type of yarn or color) so having to figure out what to make of it is a fun way to break out of my box and make something that I normally wouldn't.


I love that you don't know what you are getting. And honestly you can't even tell that there's an issue with the yarn. For this bag I got two black ribbon yarn. There really didn't seem to be anything wrong with the color they are perfect. Can't wait to see what I'll make with it.


I've been wanting to make an amigurumi rabbit or something similar and the other review mentioned honey bunny so I got a bag. It's so soft and I can't wait to start! Received 4 skeins of honey bunny in a light grey color and 2 skeins of a merino in pale blue.

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