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Prym Ergonomic straight/single point needles are lightweight and flexible good quality needles that are incredibly comfortable to hold. The needles are ergonomically designed to fit your hand well so you can knit for many hours without sore hands and wrists.

In 2016, Prym's Ergonomic straight/single point Needles won  the Red Dot Design Award, an annual product and design contest, which is said to be a quality stamp of finest grade.

The needles are designed with a special stitch stop at the end of the needle, which means that you can just click your needles together and you're sure your stiches stay safely on the needles.

Material: Plastic


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these needles. I bought the 06/35" for a new project and was worried the 3 5" weight would bother my hands but they are incredibly comfortable. I knitting a shawl with double mohair lace weight yarn and the tips of these needles are made for a delicate project like this. Will definitely be ordering more to replace my archaic metal needles . Definitely worth it!


I have finally found a perfect needle for knitting mercerized cotton. The tips keep the yarn from splitting and the triangular shaft helps prevent pinched nerves and arthritis. They flex and have a texture that similar to ceramic. My new favor tool for unyielding yarns.


I love those. They make my knitting so pleasant and the tip makes everything so much easier. They seemed flimsy at first but when I started using them, I fell in love. Will definitely get more of them, they are worth the money.

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