Digital Row Counter LED

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The Neat LED digital row counter helps you keep track of how far you've come or how much you're missing.

The button on the right side gives you brief light on the screen, so you can always see the number, whether you're in a room with poor lighting.

The LED digital row counter can easily be tied around your finger and allows you to count without having to put your knit or crochet out of your hand. An indispensable tool for those who love to knit or crochet.

When you turn off the row counter, remember the last entry.

Dawn Danka

Way easier than the kind you have to turn manually! A simple push with the end of my hook and I’m back crocheting without ever having to put my work down. I LOVE this thing!!

Debbie J

I love the counter. It is simple and perfect to use. Slip it on one of your fingers and after a row is complete, pus the counter button. Easy, simple and it doesn't get lost.

Rebecca Thomas

Very handy and convenient!! I have children and I’m always trying to count rows and stitches and lose my count constantly. This is so helpful!

chantal bible

Love it, so handy when working on smaller projects where the rows and rounds seem to zoom by


Sweet little counter, easy to work with, something to always keep on hand.

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