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Darning Needles - 2 pcs

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Very good darning needles from Clover, which are very effective for stapling. The needles are made with a sharp tip so you can easily and effortlessly get the needle through the stitches.

The package contains 2 needles and a smart plastic folder for storing your needles, so you are sure they will not get lost.

Dimensions: 7 cm long and 2.5 mm thick.

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I use these needles for weaving in yarn ends, and they’re the best ones I’ve found for that purpose. The large eyes are great for threading yarn, and the angled ends make it easier to get the needle under my stitches. I also love the storage case, which has an easy-to-open screw cap.

Micia Rogers

I'm so happy that I ordered these darning needles! They work well and I love that they come with a case to store them.

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