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Crochet Pillow Deluxe

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Do you crochet a lot? Are you often bothered by pain in your shoulder and elbow joints because of it?

Then we have something for you! It will help support and relieve your arms and your joints. Our crochet pillow is invented and designed by our crochet designer, who is behind Tante Tråd and crochets a lot every day. The crochet pillow was born out of the need to relieve sore arms and shoulders. Let your arms rest on the pillow and give yourself a few extra hours of happy crochet time.

The pillow is very practical. It’s filled with kapok (the new miracle fiber!).

Kapok is organic, and no additives or chemicals were used during the processing. Kapok consists of very fine hollow fibers (actually, kapok is composed of 80% air) that have excellent isolation and ventilation. The warmth of the body is reflected in a pleasant way. The Kapok fibers transport humidity away from the body , which means that the pillow is very comfortable to sit with even for prolonged periods of time.

If the fibers become more dense after a while you can always tumble dry the pillow and it will be good as new.

The kapok tree is native to Asian and South American rainforests, where the kapok can be harvested year after year without cutting down the tree. By choosing products made from kapok you are supporting sustainable production that will help preserve the rainforest. We love kapok!

On top of that, the pillow is produced at a Danish sewing factory in Vietnam, where the workers have had fair working conditions for over 10 years.

You can choose between three different sizes. See exact measurements underneath the photos.

The pillow cover is removable and can be machine washed at 40°C if necessary. We do not recommend tumble drying the cover. The casing of the inner pillow has a zipper, so if you ever need to wash the pillow casing, you can just remove the filling. The pillow casing can be washed in the same way as the cover (40°C in the washing machine), and it can even be tumble dried. You can even give the filling and pillow casing some extra time in the tumble dryer to fluff up the kapok.

You can adjust the feel of your pillow by removing some of the filling if you like it soft, or adding some more filling if you prefer a firm pillow.

We have three different sizes to choose from. The exact measurements can be found in the photo gallery. 

Here’s our recommendation on which size crochet pillow you should choose depending on your clothing size. Remember, this is only a recommendation. Please check the exact measurements in the photos in the gallery: 

  • Clothing size XS-S: Crochet pillow size Small

  • Clothing size M-L: Crochet pillow size Medium

  • Clothing size XL+: Crochet pillow size Large

We hope you will love this pillow as much as we do.

Pssst: The pillow can of course also be used by avid knitters, especially when knitting on circular or double-pointed needles.


Casing: 100% GOTS certified cotton jersey
Filling: 100% kapok

Measurements: Please see the images


Just received this in the USA and after only 5 minutes I am in love. I crochet in a wicker rocker on my sun porch and trying to balance or even tie pillows or towels on the arms was all but impossible. The Large U shape crochet pillow is the absolute perfect height for my work and no more wicker marks on my elbows. I am currently crocheting puff stitches (my least favorite) and with this pillow they are going much quicker and easier. The cover is a soft brushed fabric and does not feel hot against my legs at all. Was a bit skeptical as it is a bit pricey but well worth it to make my favorite hobby so much more enjoyable.


Every time I would crochet I was getting to the point where I couldn’t work on my projects very long due to the pain in my neck, arms and back. I fixed the back pain with the knitting pillow. This pillow fixed the pain in the arms an neck!!! I couldn’t believe a pillow could actually take away my pain. Perfect pillow to crochet with. It helps rest your arms so you can crochet even longer which is all we really want right?!!!

Even though quite a lot of us experience pain while we do what we love and makes us happy, Hobbii does a perfect job of creating products that helps us bring a little more beauty to the world.


This pillow is a life saver. I bought this pillow after 17 days in the hospital. The meds had caused hand and joint cramping as well as muscle weakness I had never experienced before. This really inhibited the one thing I thought I could do during my recovery. This crochet pillow is a game changer. It gave me the support I need to crochet. Ilove it!! It is the best!! Thank you to the designer!!!


I use this as a loom knitter and it’s great. It holds my arms and work at just the right height so that I don’t end up stooped over. I’ve also, quite accidentally, found that it’s actually quite good for typing. I work from home most of the week using a table for my desk. This holds my arms up at a healthy angle for typing and prevents my wrists from resting on the hard edge of the table.


Love this pillow what a difference it makes keeps your hands at the right angle for crochet. I had this shipped all the way to Australia and it arrived safe and packaged well. It is an investment but soooo worth it. I also use it for knitting reading my kindle for books . Almost anything that you have to do with your hands when sitting.
Extremely happy purchase

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