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I just received my order. Thank you for such quick delivery. It was a little delayed due to the Easter long weekend but 16 days is good with that factored in. I'm very pleased with the quality of the KnitPro Tunisian hooks. Canada is just not very imaginative in the size range the craft shops carry for Tunisian hooks (or don’t carry at all). Whereas I want to work with fingering yarn and 2 - 3.5mm hooks, Canadian Tunisian hooks normally start at 4mm. Since I normally knit and crochet loose that’s a problem for me. It varies from yarn to yarn, but I really need those smaller hooks; as much as a full size on the more slippery yarns. Now that I have my new hooks, I can actually progress onto my short row slippers. I've been doing my early sample work on a regular crochet hooks playing with various sock yarn scraps, but my sample width was limited and it was affecting my tension.

Karen K

:) These Tunisian hooks are perfect for what I needed. I'm starting to swatch for my slipper project and this is such an improvement over trying to use regular crochet hooks and working around the thumb rest bump. It always throws my tension off. I've been able to go down one more hook size and the tension is definitely more consistent now with what the project was designed with (I knit/crochet loose and always have to use a smaller needle or hook). It probably helps to have better "Hobbii Yarn" as well.


I love the plastic crochet hooks ! They slide more easily with the netting that I am crocheting with. This one especially is a bit longer than my other ones and so is easier on the palm of my hand. The sharp hook at the end makes it easier to snag the yarn more easily. Thanks so much.


My friends were so envious of this nifty tool! Look forward to crocheting on the go without dropping my crochet hooks! :D


These crochet hooks seemed to be highly recommended so I decided to buy one to try it out. I must say that I like the Hobbii crochet hooks that I bought in the 11-hook set even better. The Clover one, for me, was not as comfortable to hold; the contours of the handle just didn't work as well for me. While this Clover hook seems to be well made, the shape just isn't for me.

Janice White

These crochet hooks are just the best! I could not go back to using the ordinary crochet hooks - these are just so comfortable, and I've not had any discomfort after hours of crocheting. I highly recommend them to any crochet fanatic!


I am a very beginning crocheter, and in the past, my problem was holding the small crochet hooks -- my hands always hurt and it seemed so awkward. I find this crochet hook so much easier to hold and use. I really like it.


These hooks are most beautiful! They have the elastomer handles, which makes them comfortable to use, especially if you have arthritis. The hook heads are wider than the Amour hooks, which I am currently using, and the Hobbii hooks themselves are, up to size 6mm, are about an inch shorter. The rose gold heads on these Hobbii crochet hooks are shiny and slick, and the yarn slides easily across them - also good for the arthritic person, like me! It is wonderful to have so many sizes available in one set, so that I shall never have to search for the right size hook again. The case for these lovely hooks is perfectly made and compact - you would never think that it holds all those hooks. Each hook has its own well-made place to be. The Hobbii Crochet Hook set is the perfect set, and I feel so lucky to have found it. Thank you, Hobbii!

Destiny Herring

I have carpal tunnel in both of my hands and these crochet hooks are life savers especially when using finer yarn. I absolutely love them!! I can crochet for a much longer time now.

Jan Lang

Love these crochet hooks, they are so comfortable to use, love the brand,I have found they are the best, now I have a set 2-12 mm hooks,, all the hooks I need in a very smart case.

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