Set with 9 Zing crochet hooks

2 - 6 mm

Forget about boring grey aluminium! KnitPro Zing is a collection made of lightweight metal, where every size has its own characteristic colour with a metallic finish.

The Zing crochet hooks are made of aluminium and designed with a shiny silver tip to make crocheting easy no matter what colour yarn you’re using. Perfectly formed crochet hooks with a smooth surface that are easy on the hands.

The set contains the following sizes:
2.0 mm – Coral
2.5 mm – Garnet
3.0 mm – Jade
3.5 mm – Chrysolite
4.0 mm – Sapphire
4.5 mm - Iolite
5.0 mm - Ruby
5.5 mm – Sienna
6.0 mm – Purple Velvet


Super glad I got these! I like the feel better than the usual thinner crochet hooks, and the yarn does slide a lot better than other brands. Sometimes I just don't want the bigger padded hooks, and these really hit the right spot in my hand!

I also like the bright colors, as they are pleasant to look at and feel super smooth too.

They are a less aggressive hook, so I agree with what a prior review said about if the pattern is tricky, you may need a sharper one. But it is nice that it doesn't accidentally split yarn if you aren't careful like a sharper one will try to.

Moma G

I love these. They are light to hold and a little longer than the standard Bates hooks. The only issue I have had is that they are not very sharp so on tricky patterns I have had to switch back to a sharper hook, but I really wish they worked for all projects as I would rather be using them!


The best!!! I've wanted to try these hooks for a long time, so glad I found them here (and for the best price I've seen)! These are so smooth and light and work smoothly with all different kinds of yarn without issues. I would definitely recommend this set to any crocheter.


These are one of my favorite hooks for using with cotton. I bought the set as a splurge for myself. They come in a great case and the cotton yarn glides without splitting. Once you try one of these you will see why the set is a “ must have”.


I love these hooks! Very comfortable with my pencil/chopstick grip, and lightweight. The rounded head and hook means loosely spun yarn splits less than with most hooks. I think I may have to get another set soon.

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