Set with 9 Zing crochet hooks

Forget about boring grey aluminium! KnitPro Zing is a collection made of lightweight metal, where every size has its own characteristic colour with a metallic finish.

The Zing crochet hooks are made of aluminium and designed with a shiny silver tip to make crocheting easy no matter what colour yarn you’re using. Perfectly formed crochet hooks with a smooth surface that are easy on the hands.

The set contains the following sizes:
2.0 mm – Coral
2.5 mm – Garnet
3.0 mm – Jade
3.5 mm – Chrysolite
4.0 mm – Sapphire
4.5 mm - Iolite
5.0 mm - Ruby
5.5 mm – Sienna
6.0 mm – Purple Velvet

Moma G

I love these. They are light to hold and a little longer than the standard Bates hooks. The only issue I have had is that they are not very sharp so on tricky patterns I have had to switch back to a sharper hook, but I really wish they worked for all projects as I would rather be using them!

Kendal M Patton

Nice to hold, yarn slides easily on and off of the hooks. The colors are so pleasant , love the case. Would recommend these to any crocheter, new and seasoned.

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