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Do you find yourself in need of an extra cable for your interchangeable circular needles from German addi? Then we have them right here in lengths from 15.7” to 39.4” (40 to 100 cm). The cables are compatible with the entire addi Click series, and the red color is intended for the lace series, so you can easily distinguish between lace and regular circular needles. Although, the cables can just as easily be used with the regular addi Click Interchangeable Circular Needles (Turbo).

The click system is easy to use. Attach the needle to you Click cable, turn it slightly and “CLICK” - you’re good to go. To loosen the cable from the needle again, turn it the opposite way and pull the two parts apart. 

This wire is soft, strong, and flexible. The strong steel wire is coated with red PVC-plastic. 

The length of the wire is measured with the needle attached. Here are the lengths without the needles: 

40 cm (15.7”) = 23  cm (9.1”)

50 cm (19.7”) = 33 cm (13”)

60 cm (23.6”) = 43 cm (16.9”)

80 cm (31.5”) = 63 cm (24.8”)

100 cm (39.4”) = 82 cm (32.3”)

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