Do you know that feeling, when your shelves and drawers are filled with yarn and you might have bought a bit more at the Hobbii sale than you have space for in your home? 💜

Don’t worry - science shows that your love of yarn is actually helping to ward off dementia. In fact, American studies show that people with creative hobbies such as knitting and crocheting are on average 75 % less at risk for memory loss. By activating the brain while also using your body you protect the neurons in the brain, also called the building blocks of the brain.

Research experiments in USA show clear results

In the research experiment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota scientists discovered that middle-aged and older people were less likely to develop memory loss which can lead to dementia. It is notable that when you reach a certain age you may experience memory loss, which is why it is important to live a lifestyle that will help you keep your memory for longer. The study had 256 participants with an average age of 87 years who had no issues with memory loss at the beginning of the study. During a span of about 4 years 121 had developed early stages of dementia.

Why is yarn so good?

Knitting and crocheting improve your ability to plan ahead. You need to keep track of stitch types, where to put your needle and of course which row you are on. To ensure good results and prevent having to unpick too many times, you need to control the quality of your stitches as you go. In this way you are training your cognitive abilities to think, remember and rationalize. And you also need to read the pattern! Time flies like when you cozy up with a good book.

We have many exciting and free patterns on our website 💜 Take a look at the pattern for our lovely Lollipop Granny Blanket, this sweet rattle or these baskets that work well for storage or as plant pot covers 👆

Happiness is contagious and you will feel like sharing it

When you finally complete a project, whether it’s a blanket or a baby rattle, a sensation of happiness washes over you that has great benefits for your health and wellbeing. When your mood is positive it will spread to your surroundings, and others will share in your sense of accomplishment from having completed a project.

Another great advantage to knitting and crocheting is that many people use their projects as gifts. Have you noticed how exhilarating it is to give a handmade rattle to your grandchild or to your friend who just had a baby? How about a blanket for a family member or a basket as a hostess gift, with some delicious chocolate inside? Gifts that come from the heart leave a lasting impression ❤️

Builds community and is cheaper than therapy

Crochet and knitting can also be shared with others by sitting and crafting together.

“The lack of social engagement later in life can indicate underlying changes in the brain that can lead to MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment)”, which means that it becomes more difficult to remember, learn new things and concentrate. -  Doctor Laura Phipps from Alzheimer Research UK.

It provides you with camaraderie and something to talk about. For those who have a stressful life it can be a cheaper method than going into therapy and can function as an antidepressant. So instead of sitting with your phone in your hands, grab those knitting needles or a crochet hook and feel the energy spread throughout your body.

Have fun with your projects!