How to crochet for hours without getting pain
    Do you ever get sore wrists and muscles when you crochet? Then keep reading and learn more about ergonomic crochet.What is ergonomics and what does it mean for your crochet projects?Ergonomics, in short, is about how the body functions during work. When you crochet, you use your body and it ...
    Are you crocheting on the right or wrong side?

    It’s not always easy to tell whether you’re crocheting on the right or the wrong side – and I’m speaking from experience here. It might not even affect your project whether you’re crocheting on the right or wrong side, but sometimes the look and feel of your project may end up a little more fuzzy or fluffy if you crochet with the wrong side out. Read more about why and how here. 

    Guide: Choose the right knitting needles

    Choosing the perfect knitting needles can be a bit of a struggle if you’re new to knitting. What was supposed to be a nice time can quickly turn into utter frustration in the attempt to find the right knitting needles

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