Knitting and crocheting reduces risk of dementia

    Do you know that feeling, when your shelves and drawers are filled with yarn and you might have bought a bit more at the Hobbii sale than you have space for in your home? 💜 Don’t worry - science shows that your love of yarn is actually helping to ward off dementia!

    Pain-free knitting - how to do it
    If you experience pain when you knit, read on to learn about your pain. After I wrote the article on ergonomic crochet, you requested a similar post just about knitting. This is a slightly bigger challenge for me, since I have not knit for many years. So, I have picked ...
    How to crochet for hours without getting pain
    Do you ever get sore wrists and muscles when you crochet? Then keep reading and learn more about ergonomic crochet.What is ergonomics and what does it mean for your crochet projects?Ergonomics, in short, is about how the body functions during work. When you crochet, you use your body and it ...
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