I’m not addicted! – I just don’t want to stop!

Do you ever say something like “I just need to finish this row…”? Or when your friends and family call and ask what you are doing, is your answer almost always – “I’m just sitting and knitting/ crocheting” or “My needles/hook is stressing me out”? Do you often think at your week is just “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday --- Monday”? To be honest, you just had to sit ten minutes on Friday afternoon, clean on Saturday and was there nothing scheduled on Sunday? But magically, the yarn fairy came over with the new patterns and yarn. Or your "favorite yarn-dealer" had your favorite yarn on sale.

Is your crafting taking up all of your time?

Has it happened that one night you have thought, "I can just finish this part of the pattern", and the next time you look around, the sun is on its way and the family has started to wake up? Can you name the 10 yarn sales just as well as you can the names of your children or grandchildren. And cold coffee / tea has become the new "in" drink. Yes, then you are, like me, becoming "yarn-oholic".

I read about one whose husband had asked her to stop calling their house the yarn box (I think it is an old joke, but still going strong), someone else had been told that now the kindergarten had no room for more teddy bears. One tried to convince her grandson to have her knit him a new backpack ... Well, there are a lot of fun little examples.

I have searched in the different groups belonging to Hobbii and spent several hours finding your funny comments and from them, I have made this small list.

10 signs that you are a “yarn-oholic”

  1. You don’t have too much yarn, just too few projects.
  2. Your eyes shoot lasers, when others don’t know the difference between knitting and crocheting.
  3. Lack of yarn causes stress related symptoms.
  4. “10 minutes” often turns into the rest of the day.
  5. You look at the clothes in a movie and can't remember the story afterwards, but can tell that the protagonist's sweater was made in moss stitch and there was also a mistake in it.
  6. "UFO's" have nothing to do with outerspace.
  7. A ball has nothing to do with sports.
  8. Your doctor looks at you and says, "This is the 4th time you’ve been here in the last year with tendon inflammation..."
  9. Your search history immediately starts with "pattern for…." Before you have typed anything.
  10. The first 30 pictures on your phone include yarn and projects.

So what do you do now???

So we shouldn’t find more projects to help with points 1 and 3 should we...? Of course we will!

We’ll just take the big project first, because this basket is perfect for being the leftover yarn basket. I made it a week or two ago for all my leftover yarn balls. Maybe I should have ordered the Bungee Mini yarn for one more to put all the cute little projects in when they are finished? And then I can appropriately dive into the remnants while I wait for the yarn I just ordered ;-)

But the leftover yarn scraps are still there...

When I was looking at Hobbii Design, I fell in love with the sweet sensory butterfly. I thought that it should hang in my living room window, but that was meant for my little niece so - well, there always come more small remnants ;-) but now see these little cute sensory fish - they had to be made. They must definitely have some friends the next time I have filled the leftover yarn basket.

When the hands get started, they often end up going into overdrive. I swear, if it weren’t for the dog who needs to be walked and a sweet boy who would like food, I am sure I wouldn’t know what day or month it is!

When one's small keychain is mini crochet hooks, isn’t there always room for a skein or two in a real ladies bag like this?

A small example of this is: my personal New Year's resolution… yes, it lasted for 6 days until I came to work. My idea was to not buy more yarn - just until I had used part of what I had at home - but then there came just a crazy idea flying like a UFO from the left side and - bang - suddenly there was yarn in the basket ... I tried to stick to point 1 from the list above, but I had to admit that yes, I love yarn and yes, I have yarn on the brain - "AND I LOVE IT!"

And just to conclude: I'm not addicted, I just don't want to stop.

Best Wishes,

Achena - Hobbii