For a lot of people it is a lifestyle and not only a hobby to knit. You probably spend several hours knitting every single day, and cannot think of anything else besides your beloved knitting project, every time you don’t have it at hand. Below, we have listed 10 signs that you might be obsessed with knitting (just like we are).

#1 You seize any opportunity to decorate a room for all your knitting equipment

Even though you knit all the time, yarn has a tendency to pile up. The more projects, the more yarn, and the more space you need – it’s all connected.

#2 The most important vacation accessory is your knitting project

It doesn’t matter, if you have forgotten your sandals, sunscreen or sunglasses, as long as you have your knitting needles and yarn, everything will be fine. It probably wouldn’t be a coincidence, if you ended up going on vacation in the exact city in which a wool festival is taking place.

#3 Your inbox is full of yarn news 

You can never get too many news regarding yarn, right? If you happen to need an extra newsletter then sign up for Hobbii’s newsletter here: 

#4 Friends and relatives introduce you as “the person who knits”

You are more or less known for being the person among friends who always bring your knitting gear with you. Does this sound familiar? Then don’t worry, we know it all too well.

#5 You lose sleep because you juuuust have to finish a project

Who needs sleep when you can knit? Afterall, it’s more important to finish your project, so you can start a new one.

#6 You cannot watch TV without having your knit project at hand

Everyone knows that a good movie or show goes hand in hand with a good knitting project. If you don’t have your knitting project at hand, then you don’t feel like watching TV at all. If you for some reason don’t know what to knit next, then you can find a lot of inspiration at Hobbii Design.

#7 Your family knows that they shouldn’t expect anything else than hand-knitted gifts from you 

Is there anything better than an incredible hand-knitted sweater? Or a pair of warm, cosy socks for the cold winter evenings?

#8 You cannot visit a yarn webshop or yarn store without making an essential purchase

“But, it was on sale”. The yarn practical jumped in your arms. And then you happen to have a project in mind that the yarn will be perfect for.

#9 You always have a skein and a knitting needle with you – just in case

You never know when a knitting emergency situation occurs. The train to or from work might be late – and what else to spend your time on, if not knitting on your favorite project?

#10 You can recognize a yarn or a certain color code miles away

Some people remember a face that they’ve only seen once, but you remember both yarn and color type after only one project. You never forget it.

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