Digital Row Counter Deluxe

This fancy, brand-new row counter helps you keeping track of your rows or rounds, without having to put your project aside.

The row counter is attached to a black cord, which you can hang around your neck. This is the only row counter available on the market, which can add or remove rows with the handy +/- function. This Deluxe row counter makes a loud and clear "beep" if you push a button.

However, this function is easily turned on and off by pressing the plus- or minus-button for 2 seconds.

The beep-sound is especially helpful for those who are visually impaired, as the sound makes it clear that a button has been pushed accurately.

The battery (type AG13) can be replaced to give your row counter a new life when the old battery dies.

Please note that the lap counter is reset when switched off.


Excellent row counter; digital readout easy to see. Also easy to decrease a row if you have to undo a pattern row. Only negative is that there are no written instructions & I haven’t figured out how to turn it off to save battery between knitting sessions, or how to replace the battery when it dies.

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

I love this row counter! It works beautifully and is so portable. You can turn the "beep" on or off as you choose. I find it an enormous help to keeping track of the row I'm on.


The digital row counter works really well.


Great item, however, would have prefered of a note in the box stating it makes noise and how to turn it off instead of having to search it up. Its function and size are perfect!


Awful item. I ordered 2 of these . Just tried one. Hard to turn on ( yes I know it is just a push button but did not want to turn on) then could not turn off or reset. Every time you add or subtract a number it makes a loud an awful beep. UGH - would give this zero stars If I could

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