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8 Knitted Animals

8 Knitted Animals

 is created from Danish Go Handmade and is based on the animals from their collection “Lukas and Friends”. The book is filled with wonderful pictures that make it a fun and cosy project to crochet the sweet animals.

In the book, besides Lukas the rabbit, we will meet all his friends: the teddy bears Camille, Laura and Andy, the two mice Luis and Mats, the cat Simon and the rabbit Buddy.

It is obvious that Hanne Tolberg, who is behind Go Handmade, has put a lot of time and love into this book since all the animals are abundant in details and have been given their own unique personalities. Therefore the animals are well suited as toys for the kids, as interior decorations or as a hostess gift.

In the book, the recommended knitting needle size is 2 or 3 (depending on your knitting gauge). We have used a wool yarn with a yardage of 131.23 yards/1.76 oz.. We recommend you to use 1 Class from Mayflower or Karisma from Drops.

The book is for absolute beginners as well as experienced knitters. At the beginning of the book, you will find instructions regarding knitting gauge and recommended supplies as well as explanations of how to join the different parts. Moreover, the book only measures 7.87 x 7.87 inches, so it is very easy to take with you on the go.

Author: Go Handmade
48 pages - Published in 2016
Language: English


Great book so looking forward to making all the animals happy


love it so much that I would get it 300 times

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