Basix Aluminium DPNs

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HighQuality Aluminum double pointed needles from KnitPro's Basix Aluminum Series.

The needles combine the two best qualities of aluminum, namely it's strength and ease. The strong material provides a strong and durable product. The light weight ensures that the needles are comfortable to work with and that you will be able to knit for several hours without getting sore hands and fingers.

The DPNs are available in two lengths, 15 cm (6")  and 20 cm (8"), and in sizes from 2mm (US 0) -6 mm (US 10). The relatively small sizes and thin needles allow you to knit very small and detailed stitches, therefore the needles are very suitable for smaller patterns.

The needles are sold in sets of 5. 


Bought this for making the sleeves on a sweater as I needed a larger size opened my package and instantly fell in love they are light weight and light in color so seeing the yarn will not be a issue. They look plastic but they are metal.. just places another order for sock sizes


Bought these to go along with my circular needles from the same brand. They're high quality needles and feel great when knitting.


Great quality metal needles! Not too slippery and not terribly sharp. Excellent so far for my first pair of socks.

Angie Figueroa

Great quality and such a low price!! Purchased two different sizes. Happy happy happy :)

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