Amour Crochet Hook Set - 9 Sizes

Great Clover Amour Crochet hook Set. The set contains 9 crochet hooks from 2.0mm to 6.0mm.

Neat clover amour crochet hook set. The set contains 9 crochet hooks from 2.0mm to 6.0mm. The crochet hooks are 14 cm long and are soft ergonomically shaped, making them very comfortable and handy.

The crochet hooks are made of aluminum and the plastic handles comes in 9 beautiful colors.

A truly nice set for the quality conscious crochet.

Clover Amour Crochet Hook kit contains:

Clover Crochet needle 2.0mm - Light green

Clover Crochet Needle 2.5mm - Yellow

Clover Crochet Needle 3.0mm - Orange

Clover Crochet Needle 3.5mm - Pink

Clover Crochet Needle 4.0mm - Purple

Clover Crochet Needle 4.5mm - Turquoise

Clover Crochet Needle 5.0mm - Blue

Clover Crochet hook 5.5mm - Green

Clover Crochet hook 6.0mm - Brown


I finally got these after reading a review that they were like "crocheting with air" and I have to say they're worth the price. These crochet hooks are amazing. I know some people prefer the in-line hook, but the slightly textured aluminum slides so easily along the yarn that it's worth having the offset hook to me. Would definitely recommend, I wouldn't go back to anything else!


I’ve tried many different crochet hooks, and these are my favorites. The handles are great ergonomically, and the hooks make crocheting fast and easy. I ended up buying a second set of these, so that when I can’t find a hook, I always have a spare. This set has my highest recommendation.


These hooks are so comfortable in my hand. There is a nice place to rest my thumb. Perfect hooks for someone who holds their crochet hook like a knife.


These hooks are amazing to work with. I only wish that I'd splurged earlier. For the amount of time I spend hooking, it's worth it to do it in comfort.


I really like these hooks. My hands are definitely more comfortable using these than all metal ones.

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