Tapestry/Plastic Needles


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Tapestry needles are good for weaving in ends. The needles are blunt and the eye is large and easy to thread. The set contains 3 needles in two different sizes

The packet includes:
- 3 needles size 2.0 x 72 mm.
- 3 needles size 3.0 x 93 mm.

The needles are packed in assorted colors.

Peggy Haynes

I also purchased this pack of yarn needles...a must to have when you are joining seams in knitting or crocheting. The thing I really liked about these needles are the bright colors as I will be able to see where my needle is sewing on seams no matter the color of yarn I am sewing seams on.

denice langley

These needles are perfect for the mindless job of weaving in the ends of your project. The price is excellent, quality as good as you'll find in any big box store plus you get Hobbi's unmatched excellent customer service. A winner all around.


Good quality plastic needles for sewing seams and weaving in yarn ends. I always have a few projects in the works and there are enough needles in this set to throw one or two in each project bag. A great bargain!

Joane Lafrance

J'ai reçu ces aiguilles en cadeau lors de l'achat d'autres produits. J'aime les couleurs et elles sont très pratiques. Le cha est assez grand pour la laine.

Jeri Lucas

These are the perfect size for finishing my knitted sweaters or hiding those pesky yarn ends.

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