Crochet Hook Holder - Moustache

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Here you get our funniest crochet hook container so far. It consists of hand-painted ceramic and it is big enough for you to gather all your favorite crochet hooks in it. The container measures 4.53 inches 11.5 cm in height and 3.74 inches / 9.5 cm in diameter (4.53” / 11.5 cm including the nose) and has two indentations in which you can place one crochet hook horizontally.

The container is also available with red lips instead of with a moustache.

Material: hand-painted ceramic
Measurements: 4.53”  (11.5 cm) in height x 3.74”  (9.5 cm) in diameter (4.53” / 11.5 cm inches including the nose).

Lisa Harrison

Too cute. Bought this as well as the other one and should have bought more

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