Stitch Markers - 25 pcs.

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25 pcs. stitch markers in good soft plastic. The stitch markers are great to use when, for example, you wanna mark in or outs, patterns, or simply mark where the round begins.

The markers' tips are rounded so they won't do any harm and will fit both thin and normal knitting yarns.

Comes in assorted colors.


I received these as a gift with purchase. They are great and easy to work with. It is always good to have extras since I lose so many lol. Thanks Hobbii!!


I recieved these free with my order, awesome! Nice bright colors so easy to see, easy to use, nice to have extras on hand........thank you!

Alicia Abraham

Hobbii provided these stitch markets as a gift for your purchase. Awesome! Its these details that win you over.


Is there such a thing as too many stitch markers? Of course not! And these also work for crochet.


I love these better than the others, they make everything very secure, so nostitch drops.

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