Stitch Wire - 5m (16 ft)

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These cool stitch wires in beautifully bold colors can now be yours.

Use the stitch wire when you, for instance, need to put some stitches on hold for a sleeve. You buy one long wire, which you can cut to size to fit the number of stitches you need to put on hold. The plastic wire is attached to the tip of the needle, and the stitches are then easily transferred to the wire as you pull the needle out. Finish off by tying the ends into a knot. You can transfer your stitches back onto the needle in the same way.

Choose between two wire widths, depending on the size of the knitting needle used for your project.

  • Small fits needles up to size 7

  • Large fits needles sizes 8 to 15

Materials: PVC
Length of wire: 16 f 4.85 in (5 m)
Width of small wire: 0.08 in (2 mm)
Width of large wire: 0.12 in (3 mm)


I'm in the United States and I never knew this product existed, wow what a game changer this is for holding sleeve stitches on top down sweaters. I had a sweater started and was at the point I needed a place to put the sleeve stitches and I ordered this. An Extra needle is what I had been using for years, however at times the stitches would fall off, this is able to be knotted and worked great. Another product I ordered from Hobbii and am well satisfied with.


What a great product: you can cut any length of tubing needed, slide your stitches onto it, then tie it in a knot and your stitches are safe. Plus, it’s so light, you don’t know it’s there as you knit!

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