Lace Blocking Wires

These KnitPro wires are the perfect tool, when you want to hold your project in place while it dries in the right shape.

The set is delivered in a tube measuring approx. 99 cm and has a diameter of 2,5 cm.

The wires are rust proof and made from stainless steel. This means you can always block a wet lace project without problems.

The set consists of the following products:

- 6 wires of 95 cm each.

- 6 wires of 50 cm each.

- 3 flexible wires of 95 cm each.

- One measuring tape.

- 20 T-pins measuring 4 cm each (Also made from stainless steel, with a pointed end so the pins can be pinned into for example a foam pad)

You can buy more T-pins here.

You can buy foam pads here.

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (3)


WONDERFUL kit! Seriously. I tend to make larger-sized shawls (hey, I'm not the smallest sized human... I have big shoulders and all), and I enjoy the extra for Stevie Nicks style twirling aesthetic.

Blocking is literally my least favorite part of any project. The wires make it SO much easier though!!! Not having to fuss with a project, especially one with picot edges -which half of them seem to have, and I fully admit I adore the look of when blocked- is a huge relief.

The kit comes with plenty of nice-sized wires, a measuring tape, and extra T Pins. It comes in a tube, so wires won't migrate away from the kit and get lost. This is very fortunate, as I'm sure my entire kit would have vanished in the house by now, and I've had my hands on it for less than a month.

Anyway, if you're like me and want some lovely blocking edges, lace blocking wires are a GAME CHANGER. Trust me.

Bec Pinckham

These are awesome, using them to block a blanket was sooo much better than 10000 pins!! Cheapest I've found too!

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