Rainbow Knit Blockers - Comb For Knit Blocking 20 pcs.


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Blockers for tensioning of knitted or crocheted projects in hollow pattern.

These blockers are an innovative solution that allows you to easily and quickly block your project.

Use: wash or moisten your knitting or crochet project. Then stretch the project onto a substrate that can withstand needles. We recommend these KnitPro mats for lace blocking. Attach your blockers along the edge of your project so the project keeps the shape as it dries.

The method is the same as if you used T-needles - the advantage of blockers is that you do not need nearly as many. In addition, these blockers are both stronger than T-needles and create a more uniform tension of your project as they are assembled by 4-8 needles per blocker.

The needles are stainless steel so you can safely use them with your project, even if it's wet.

The package contains 20 Knit Blockers: 12 of them with 8 needles and 8 of them with 4 needles.


Great quality and they come in a case of their own. They will make blocking easier, faster, and much more colorful.

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