Shawl pin- Qty. 2.

A shawl pins are the perfect accessory if you'd like to spice up your project or outfit. They can be used to close off shawls, but can also be used for bags or as decoration for the hair. In reality, your imagination is the limit when it comes to what you use the shawl pins for. In this pack you’ll recieve 2 in metal.

Material: Metal
Sizes: 50 mm (1.97 inches) and 57 mm (2.24 inches)
Quantity: 2.

Katherine Singh

The Shawl Pins i received are wonderful! I used one on a beautiful shawl i made they have that antique rustic look to them! They just added that little extra bling to my shawl! I will be useing these alot! Even thought of useing one as a hat pin!

Emma L

I didn’t know what to expect (after all they’re just two large “safety pins”) but they’re beautiful! Very sturdy with a lovely antique quality. I am so pleased and intend buy many to gift with my handmade shawls.

Laura Doyle

As I am new to crocheting, just started this year, I haven't worked up to doing a shawl yet. I know I will eventually and I am ready with these pins. I didn't order them. Hobbii gave them to me for free. Thank you Hobbii!


Great free product. Looking forward to using these in my next great project. Like the idea that it makes me make something I wouldn't had I not gotten these for free with my order. Love the free gifts.


Love these! They are very pretty and can be used as a shawl pin, stitch marker or for holding stitches as in when doing cables! Thanks Hobbii for including these in my order!

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