Symfonie Lilac Shawl Needles - Carina

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A shawl needle is the perfect accessory if you want to spice up your project or outfit a little. They can be used for closing shawls, but also for bags or as a hair ornament. In fact, the sky is the limit to what you want to use the shawls for.

The KnitPro shawl needles come in many beautiful designs, so there is something for everyone. See the full range of KnitPro shawls here.

KnitPro Lilac shawls are made of the popular Symfonie Wood, and have a beautiful surface in wood-colored and purple shades.

Peggy Haynes

I really like this pretty shawl needle set as I like to wear a lot of shawls during the winter months and this holder will be great in securing my shawl so it doesn’t slip off while I am working on any project.


This is a lovely shawl needle set; I haven't decided it I am going to keep it for myself or give it away to someone when I make a shawl for them! The reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because I wish we could see exactly what colors are in the pieces; the one I got has a lot of purple in it instead of more wood tones as pictured, so it doesn't go really well with a shawl that I am currently making. But all in all, a lovely product.

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