Canvas Bamboo Gray Bag - Large


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Really pretty and sturdy bag with plenty of room for storage. The bag has a beautiful bamboo carrying handle and a shoulder strap, making this bag the perfect choice if you always bring your knitting- or crochet projects with you wherever you go.

Measurements: 45x30x50 cm

Color: Gray/White

Weight: approx. 950 grams


This bag is huge and sturdy but has 2 drawbacks for me. First, the outside material isn’t the regular soft canvas I imagined. It’s waterproof and thick, but it’s very crinkly and holds the shape even as a crossbody. It would be obnoxious to wear crossbody and I would’ve preferred to swap the waterproof feature for softer, quieter material. Second the interior has no pockets or lining! Even the cheaper project bags have SOME pockets. I bought canvas and made a snap in liner with pockets. For reference, I had never used a sewing machine and I don’t have much experience with sewing. It took me about 2 days. I’ll try to upload pictures if a photo tab is added. I give the finished bag 4 stars. It’s very pretty, but I’d recommend something different if you want pockets and don’t have the time like I did.

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