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Pom Pom Charm – 11 cm

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Super pretty and soft pom pom charm to decorate your handmade bag. The pom pom is made from acrylic and is a great alternative if you don’t want to use real fur. It measures 11 cm in diameter and has a 5 cm strap and a 25 mm ring lock for fastening.


I can't believe I'm the first person reviewing these! It took longer for me to decide which one to get then it did for me to receive it in the mail! (I received it to the US in 4 days!!!) The description doesn't do it justice. It's super soft and the "hair" on it is a nice fluffy amount. You'll want to keep petting it! It's about the size of a snowball, if you put your two hands cupped together. The strap is well made and a good length for attaching it to something without the hair getting caught. The round "ring lock" is strong and opens in. It's perfect for my project and I would definitely recommend these.

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